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Dynamic Stamp FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is the difference between a static pdf stamp and a dynamic pdf stamp?

A:  Pdf stamps are static images that can be applied to pdfs as annotations, or ‘markups’.  What makes dynamic stamps DYNAMIC is the ability to change the static image at the exact moment the stamp is applied.  This can happen automatically without user interaction, or can be dependent upon specific user input.

Q:  What are some examples of changes that occur automatically?

A:  The most common is probably the date/time stamp.  The stamp extracts the date/time from the computer’s system and incorporates it into the image of the stamp.  Almost any date/time format can be used:

Another common automatic input is the identity of the person applying the stamp.  This can come from the settings in the PDF viewer (edit>preferences>identity) or from the user login name.  The login name is more secure because it is more difficult to change than the name, which can be changed “on the fly”.  Any of the following field values can be automatically incorporated into a dynamic stamp:

Q:  What are some examples of changes that occur with user input?

A:  The possibilities are endless.  In the previous example, all three lines were inserted automatically when the stamp was applied.  However, this stamp could also have been programmed to accept user input for all three lines at the time the stamp is applied via a popup javascript window:


User input is not limited to text fields.  Drop-down menus, radio buttons, and check boxes can also be used:



Q:  How are dynamic stamps made?

A:  Dynamic stamps can only be made by taking a static stamp and programming in dynamic features using javascript. We are javascript experts and we can build your dynamic stamps for you.


For more information on ordering a Dynamic Stamp, please (email) our digital professional staff with your requirements to include images or choice of stamp within the store.

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For a video demonstration of how the Dynamic Stamp is applied to a document, click here.



These stamps are programmed for use with Adobe Acrobat only.

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